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On blogs and bloggers

Recently there has been some confusion regarding the terms “blog”, “blogging” and “blogger”. This article is here to define the terms as clearly as possible. Definition of terms Let us start with the verb form, “to blog” or more commonly “blogging”. In earlier work on the subject, a common assumption was that in order to […]

Investigation of the /etc/hosts issues in OS X 10.7 (Lion)

I got bored today and decided to investigate the issues people have been having with their /etc/hosts entries in OS X 10.7. A lot of people have reported a ton of random issues ranging from the hosts file not being consulted at all to odd issues with IPv6 and multiple addresses on the same line […]

The SSH client in MacOS X 10.7 (Lion) has broken(?) UTF8 support

I upgraded to 10.7 today, only to find that my IRC client (Irssi running in a screen on a remote server) suddenly had decided that it hated any and all non-ASCII characters, replacing them with ?’s instead. In the local terminal everything worked just fine. I use UTF-8 as the terminal charset on both the […]


I see you have moved on from reporting a complete lack of video streaming security as “hacking” to having a complete lack of video streaming security yourselves. How’s being a part of the industry working out for you? Are you going to report your own leak as news too? Is it “hacking”? Edit: for those […]

Del Rey Books suck at this internet thing

Recently, I read some manga (whoa, yeah, really). More specifically, I read Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture volume two, which came out in English about a month ago. It’s really fucking good (you should read it) and the only manga I’m actually following these days, but it’s impossible to explain why it’s good. In sort, it’s […]