I hate blogs

I hate blogs in general and anime blogs in particular. Absolutely noone cares about most normal self-centered shitty blogs about your normal life. Anime blogs are somehow even worse. The purpose of them seems to be one or more of:

  • masturbation,
  • a more self-centered way of forum shitposting with yourself as moderator,
  • a way to become an Internet Celebrity.

There are exactly two blogs I’ve liked so far. One is Avery Lee’s blog on VirtualDub.org, which is a damn good read because he makes even the most incomprehensible technobabble about optimizing SSE routines and whatnot become interesting and funny to read. The other is Rasmus Fleischer’s Copyriot (almost entirely in Swedish), which I mostly like because he writes very interesting stuff about intellectual property, piracy and DRM.

This “blog” is a collection of shitposting, trolling, random technobabble and other random shit that wouldn’t fit anywhere else and/or would get me banned from various forums. I highly doubt you will find it interesting, but there are at least one or two people who have expressed interest in some of my ramblings so what the heck, why not make them public.