Copy(wrong|left|fight) statement

If you squint real hard and scroll all the way to the bottom of the main page of this site, you’ll notice that it says “No copyright, no license” there. Now you might think that I put that there as a clever trap to get someone sue 10 years down the road when I’m rich and famous on the internet, but that’s not quite it.

Actual Serious Business Copyright Statement

All content on this site that is my own “work” and not someone else’s (if it’s posted on the blog, I wrote it unless I explicitly state that I didn’t) are hereby released into the public domain. If this is not possible according to your local laws, I hereby grant anyone permission to use any of the content for any purpose, without any restrictions whatsoever. Post it somewhere else, copy it, rewrite it, pretend you wrote it, whatever, I don’t care.

You’ll also notice that there’s a bunch of stuff lying around here that is obviously not my work, but that’s fine, I don’t care about what you do with that either. :V