Clannad – 01

Copied from my post on ADTRW:

First episode impressions:
It stinks.
It stinks of harem.
It stinks of harem and it stinks of Key and horrible plot devices, and I don’t like it.
Everything from the main character and his comedic relief sidekick to the superpowered Tomoyo and even the powerpointish scene transitions stinks of generic harem game conversion #1165346, and I fail to see what makes this so absurdly good.
Granted, it IS pretty funny at times, but plenty of shows are funny and this is not especially so. It’s also nicely animated.

So far (one episode rolololol) the characters are only impressive in their genericness. “I have a weak body” for no reason at all, “I have dad who’s an alcoholic and I hate everything but suddenly I’m helping Cute Girl with Weak Body #93452 for no particular reason”, “Hi I’m the comedy relief sidekick character and have no purpose in the show at all except to be dumb”, “I’m the MILF and this is my husband who seems really threatening”, “I’m the superpowered cool girl that has NO FUCKING REASON AT ALL to fall for the main character but I’ll do that anyway because the director said so lolz”.

Then there’s Key trademark: the absurd flashbacks and “mysterious” miracle plot devices that never seem to lead anywhere at all. Empty world? Wishes that come true? THAT SOUNDS LIKE KEY ALRIGHT. Let’s see how absurd the explanations will be this time and how they’ll be used to advance the show. It’ll be fun to write about, I’m sure.

tl;dr: it smells like harem, it looks like harem and it tastes like harem. Heck, it most likely IS harem but cleverly disguised as a drama about “families”, with some elements of “magic” tossed in to make shutin nerds dream. Do not want but will watch anyway for the comedic relief scenes and to troll people.

NEXT EPISODE: even more girls, even more hair colors! EXCITEMENT!

Since I discovered this thing is now being used as copypasta to troll threads on /a/ and I more or less got told to get out and stop trolling in ADTRW, I figured I’d post it here instead. More inspiring posts may or may not be forthcoming later depending on how lazy I get.

It should also be noted that the main reason I’m trolling this so much is all the people who are going ZOH MY GOD WONDERFUL EPISODE IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL AND AWESOME, KYOTO ANIMATION FAPFAPFAP. Yes it looks good, yes Kyoto Animation are pretty awesome alright, yes it’s pretty funny… but I completely fail to see what makes this so much more awesome than everything else.

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  1. ScatmanJohn wrote:

    Hello there, I’m the guy who started the copypasta. Sorry if I caused you any trouble.

    Saturday, October 13, 2007 at 21:08 #
  2. TheFluff wrote:

    It’s cool, I got to laff a bit at it. :V
    Nice that someone appreciated it at least.

    Saturday, October 13, 2007 at 21:44 #