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Stop using Avisynth-MT

let’s start a vote, should I rename the blog “TheFluff’s list of things you shouldn’t be doing”? yes/no/maybe Since the entire point of Avisynth is to load Avisynth plugins, and most Avisynth plugins sure as heck aren’t threadsafe, the efforts to try to make Avisynth-MT itself threadsafe are sort of meaningless. Not to mention they’ve […]

The difference between interlacing and interlacing

Judging from #darkhold conversations, other related sources and mentoring several people about it, this is a subject that has confused many. What’s interlacing, what’s progressive, what’s the difference between film and video, how does telecining work, what’s the difference between hard and soft telecine, what’s BFF/TFF/RFF, what does those numbers in DVD2AVI/DGIndex mean, where does […]

Evil Perl scripting

Reencoders rejoice, for I have written a script that given a v2 timecodes file and an output framerate generates an Avisynth script that converts VFRaC to CFR (much like directshowsource(convertfps=true)). It’s very evil, very slow and probably buggy. Don’t use it. I only wrote it because I was promised money for it. If you are […]