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Stop using Avisynth-MT

let’s start a vote, should I rename the blog “TheFluff’s list of things you shouldn’t be doing”? yes/no/maybe Since the entire point of Avisynth is to load Avisynth plugins, and most Avisynth plugins sure as heck aren’t threadsafe, the efforts to try to make Avisynth-MT itself threadsafe are sort of meaningless. Not to mention they’ve […]

Reasons to hate Avisynth

Since it’s based on VFW it’s permanently stuck in the 90’s It isn’t threadsafe at all It STILL doesn’t support high bitdepth YUV and won’t do so in 2.6 either, because colorspaces are handled in a retarded way It uses a C++ interface and throws C++ exceptions across library boundaries It doesn’t support VFR It […]

Dear retards, please stop using 6.1 FLAC

It doesn’t have any well-defined channel mappings for >6 channels, and nothing decodes it correctly. No, not even ffdshow. I know I released an encode using it once, but you know, I WAS DOING IT WRONG. How to fix these retarded files, in case you need to: Fire up graphedit (or your favorite dshow graph […]

The case against encoding

Today I saw some young foolish man bump an asuki thread from 2007 because he wanted to watch some youtube tutorials about encoding that had since been set as private. In a flash of insight I realized just how dumb that is. Here’s the tl;dr: you probably shouldn’t be encoding. There’s no reason for you […]

A lengthy treatise on the relationship between filesize and perceived video quality: the real version

I posted a troll post on since people had been hurfing durf about filesizes more than usual lately. Then I thought maybe there is someone out there who actually would like to be educated on this for real, and I’m very bored right now, so here goes nothing. (Note: this post is not for […]