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I Am Mad About Channel Naming

HELLO FRIENDS THE YEAR IS 2011; ALMOST 2012, IN FACT Yet some of you fucking retards keep tagging channels as “D-CHANNELNAME”. That little D (stands for “digital”) makes me SO GODDAMNED ANGRY because it shows you idiots have no idea what the hell you’re dealing with, you’re just copying whatever shit People On The Internet […]

Reasons to hate Avisynth

Since it’s based on VFW it’s permanently stuck in the 90’s It isn’t threadsafe at all It STILL doesn’t support high bitdepth YUV and won’t do so in 2.6 either, because colorspaces are handled in a retarded way It uses a C++ interface and throws C++ exceptions across library boundaries It doesn’t support VFR It […]

Reasons to not upgrade MacOS X 10.6 to 10.7

Things I have found so far (only listing things that seem impossible to turn off or fix, not retarded default settings): Safari’s scrolling now lets you move the viewport around in the window, like it does on the iPhone. No, I don’t want web pages to sorta jiggle around sideways when I’m scrolling up or […]

Del Rey Books suck at this internet thing

Recently, I read some manga (whoa, yeah, really). More specifically, I read Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture volume two, which came out in English about a month ago. It’s really fucking good (you should read it) and the only manga I’m actually following these days, but it’s impossible to explain why it’s good. In sort, it’s […]