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The Funimation hilarity continues

Anime makes you stupid. Watching anime makes you stupid, fansubbing anime too, but apparently professionally working with anime makes you the most stupid. Funimation is the proof of this theory. A brief timeline of history (see earlier posts on this here blawg and koda’s excellent summary for details about earlier events): Yesterday: Funimation announces (well, […]

ANN is the second worst anime site on the internet

Some of you might have heard about a site called (I wrote a bit about them in my last post). As the name indicates, it is a site that aims to publish anime news (lol); in fact it claims to be the internet’s most trusted anime news source (I wonder who they asked trusted […]

Unpublished ANN interview with a fansubber (me), Funimation and Aniplex

About two months ago I was contacted by a certain party who wanted a fansubber who was doing FMA Brotherhood to answer a few questions for an ANN interview. I agreed and contacted the ANN editor in chief, who two weeks later came back to me with a few questions, which I answered. I was […]


Since all respectable anime blogs have to have a “next season preview” post where they talk about what anime they are going to blog about next season, I decided I should have one too. Of course, unlike most (like 95%) other anime blogs I’m not going to actually watch any of these shows (I’ll probably […]

Why do good (well, decent) fansub groups only sub shitty shows

Seriously. House asked this on IRC the other day and it seems he’s right. Let’s take a look at a fairly popular group: Eclipse. As a bonus I’m actually a member of said group so I can’t even be accused of group bashing. Show list after the jump.