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Have a (sorta) relevant link

Who Needs Process? This man explains why you should do what I told you to do two years ago, except he writes about software development rather than fagsubbing. He’s also more eloquent than I am. Hope you enjoyed this blog post. well bye

Dear retards, please stop using 6.1 FLAC

It doesn’t have any well-defined channel mappings for >6 channels, and nothing decodes it correctly. No, not even ffdshow. I know I released an encode using it once, but you know, I WAS DOING IT WRONG. How to fix these retarded files, in case you need to: Fire up graphedit (or your favorite dshow graph […]

A story about a fansub group

Sit down ’round the campfire boys and girls, because this time Uncle Fluff isn’t gonna yell at you, he’s gonna tell you a story, and a true story at that. It is a story of old heroes and young talents, of doing the impossible, of trust and betrayal, of comings and goings, of growing up, […]

Yet another fatwā (or, the case against Lagarith)

I seem to be spending a lot of my time on this here blawg yelling at people and telling them what they shouldn’t be doing or shouldn’t be using. I see no reason to discontinue this since it’s low-effort writing, likely to piss at least someone off and is in the best interests of everyone. […]

Guide to Pro Fansubbing

Being around the fansubbing community for a while (about five years now) has led to making a few observations here and there. A lot of groups are doing really stupid shit in really inefficient ways, so here are some guidelines to better fansubbing: DON’T Have more than two QC’ers. If you need more the script […]