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Doing Pointless Things for Stupid Reasons: Part 1

Nothing makes me want to write stuff more than getting annoyed by things in my immediate surroundings. Today’s annoyance is fansubbers translating production credits. Among all gay and meaningless things you can do when fansubbing, this ranks incredibly high on the idiocy scale, right up there with AFX karaokes that take two days to render, […]

Some protips for aspiring elitist encoders

This post caused by recent events in my immediate surroundings. No matter what filters you used, you’ve overfiltered it. Almost all new encoders invariably make this mistake. Don’t be one of them. VFR isn’t as complicated as it seems and you would do well to learn how to use it to your advantage. Be very […]


So apparently they blocked facebook at my workplace because people were browsing it too much. Normally I’d condemn this as really dumb since I’m heavily opposed to all kinds of censorship, but in this case I wholly support the decision. I only have a very vague impression of what it is, but something so immensely […]

That Key show again – 02

So. Clannad 02. JUST AS PLANNED EXPECTED. No wait, the wishes come true thing was just acting. Or was it? Knowing Key they’ll make a silly plot device out of it, I CAN FEEL IT. The collection of Really Generic Harem Girls Key Style is now complete. (Or is it!?) We have: The moĆ© main […]

Clannad – 01

Copied from my post on ADTRW: First episode impressions: It stinks. It stinks of harem. It stinks of harem and it stinks of Key and horrible plot devices, and I don’t like it. Everything from the main character and his comedic relief sidekick to the superpowered Tomoyo and even the powerpointish scene transitions stinks of […]