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Use of ultrajson considered harmful

Someone at work got the idea that we should use this Python JSON library called ultrajson because apparently the standard Python json library was slow, or something. Well, we did end up using it, and it turned out to be a Bad Idea. The standard JSON library in Python, which ujson is intended to be […]

Fuck the GPL

So I was clicking around on random issues in the ffmpeg bug tracker, and I come across this little gem. argon, if you want I can simply forward this to our lawyers and they’ll suck the life out of you (and all your money with it). Keep your cool, please. You know what, GPL faggots? […]

Useful Perl scripting

If you’re one of those people who cut your transport streams in YMC (or Avisynth in general) and want to keep the original audio, this script is for you. It will read a given Avisynth script, look for the first trim line (or the first one labeled by a configurable label), generate a list of […]

Evil Perl scripting

Reencoders rejoice, for I have written a script that given a v2 timecodes file and an output framerate generates an Avisynth script that converts VFRaC to CFR (much like directshowsource(convertfps=true)). It’s very evil, very slow and probably buggy. Don’t use it. I only wrote it because I was promised money for it. If you are […]