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Just Say No to DTS

So you’re doing a Bluray rip, you open the m2ts, and you see over 9000 audio tracks sitting there. You probably go “…” and then you… No. Stop. Did you just pick something with DTS in the name? Danger, Will Robinson! Stop right there! DTS FLASHFACTS: It is a lossy codec It uses constant bitrate […]

Unpublished ANN interview with a fansubber (me), Funimation and Aniplex

About two months ago I was contacted by a certain party who wanted a fansubber who was doing FMA Brotherhood to answer a few questions for an ANN interview. I agreed and contacted the ANN editor in chief, who two weeks later came back to me with a few questions, which I answered. I was […]

Useful Perl scripting

If you’re one of those people who cut your transport streams in YMC (or Avisynth in general) and want to keep the original audio, this script is for you. It will read a given Avisynth script, look for the first trim line (or the first one labeled by a configurable label), generate a list of […]