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A Farewell to Anime

In the final scene of Mamoru Oshii’s 1995 film Ghost in the Shell, the being that was once known as the Major quotes a verse from the Bible. More specifically, 1 Corinthians 13:11, which in the King James Version reads: When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, […]

I Am Mad About Channel Naming

HELLO FRIENDS THE YEAR IS 2011; ALMOST 2012, IN FACT Yet some of you fucking retards keep tagging channels as “D-CHANNELNAME”. That little D (stands for “digital”) makes me SO GODDAMNED ANGRY because it shows you idiots have no idea what the hell you’re dealing with, you’re just copying whatever shit People On The Internet […]


I see you have moved on from reporting a complete lack of video streaming security as “hacking” to having a complete lack of video streaming security yourselves. How’s being a part of the industry working out for you? Are you going to report your own leak as news too? Is it “hacking”? Edit: for those […]

Guide to Pro Fansubbing

Being around the fansubbing community for a while (about five years now) has led to making a few observations here and there. A lot of groups are doing really stupid shit in really inefficient ways, so here are some guidelines to better fansubbing: DON’T Have more than two QC’ers. If you need more the script […]

Haruhi S2 is META AS FUCK

Theory: Haruhi S2 is not supposed to be entertainment. It’s supposed to be an experiment in meta-entertainment; i.e. the show is not actually entertaining in itself, the entertainment is in trolling people who actually watch it, or just observing their reactions/impotent nerdrage. A bold move by KyoAni, moving from the tired old-style “entertainment” into the […]