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Haruhi S2 is META AS FUCK

Theory: Haruhi S2 is not supposed to be entertainment. It’s supposed to be an experiment in meta-entertainment; i.e. the show is not actually entertaining in itself, the entertainment is in trolling people who actually watch it, or just observing their reactions/impotent nerdrage. A bold move by KyoAni, moving from the tired old-style “entertainment” into the […]

ANN is the second worst anime site on the internet

Some of you might have heard about a site called (I wrote a bit about them in my last post). As the name indicates, it is a site that aims to publish anime news (lol); in fact it claims to be the internet’s most trusted anime news source (I wonder who they asked trusted […]

Why do good (well, decent) fansub groups only sub shitty shows

Seriously. House asked this on IRC the other day and it seems he’s right. Let’s take a look at a fairly popular group: Eclipse. As a bonus I’m actually a member of said group so I can’t even be accused of group bashing. Show list after the jump.

guys, guys, guys help

how do i maek this karaoke effect [youtube link] Stop doing this. Not that anyone who actually does this would read this blog but since it’s MY blog it is my prerogative to yell and make noise where noone can hear it. The reasons (lists lists I love lists fuck yes): With Youtube Quality™ you […]

Doing Pointless Things for Stupid Reasons: Part 1

Nothing makes me want to write stuff more than getting annoyed by things in my immediate surroundings. Today’s annoyance is fansubbers translating production credits. Among all gay and meaningless things you can do when fansubbing, this ranks incredibly high on the idiocy scale, right up there with AFX karaokes that take two days to render, […]