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A note on hardware accelerated video decoding

Since I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere else really (it’s very well hidden in NVidia’s documentation), I thought I should mention it here in the interest of helping people fixing odd playback problems (read: it’s part of my evil plan to make people stop using hardware acceleration). Anyway, getting to the point, certain NVidia GPU’s […]

Yet another fatwā (or, the case against Lagarith)

I seem to be spending a lot of my time on this here blawg yelling at people and telling them what they shouldn’t be doing or shouldn’t be using. I see no reason to discontinue this since it’s low-effort writing, likely to piss at least someone off and is in the best interests of everyone. […]

Just Say No to DTS

So you’re doing a Bluray rip, you open the m2ts, and you see over 9000 audio tracks sitting there. You probably go “…” and then you… No. Stop. Did you just pick something with DTS in the name? Danger, Will Robinson! Stop right there! DTS FLASHFACTS: It is a lossy codec It uses constant bitrate […]

Using x264’s color coefficient flagging properly

OK so you have a HD transport stream, you encode it and don’t use colormatrix() in Avisynth because you realized back in 2008 or so that doing so was kind of a dumb idea. Now you want to tell decoders what color coefficients the video uses so it will (hopefully) look correct everywhere, even if […]

Useful Perl scripting

If you’re one of those people who cut your transport streams in YMC (or Avisynth in general) and want to keep the original audio, this script is for you. It will read a given Avisynth script, look for the first trim line (or the first one labeled by a configurable label), generate a list of […]