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Use of ultrajson considered harmful

Someone at work got the idea that we should use this Python JSON library called ultrajson because apparently the standard Python json library was slow, or something. Well, we did end up using it, and it turned out to be a Bad Idea. The standard JSON library in Python, which ujson is intended to be […]

Dear retards, please stop using 6.1 FLAC

It doesn’t have any well-defined channel mappings for >6 channels, and nothing decodes it correctly. No, not even ffdshow. I know I released an encode using it once, but you know, I WAS DOING IT WRONG. How to fix these retarded files, in case you need to: Fire up graphedit (or your favorite dshow graph […]


I see you have moved on from reporting a complete lack of video streaming security as “hacking” to having a complete lack of video streaming security yourselves. How’s being a part of the industry working out for you? Are you going to report your own leak as news too? Is it “hacking”? Edit: for those […]

Del Rey Books suck at this internet thing

Recently, I read some manga (whoa, yeah, really). More specifically, I read Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture volume two, which came out in English about a month ago. It’s really fucking good (you should read it) and the only manga I’m actually following these days, but it’s impossible to explain why it’s good. In sort, it’s […]

Just Say No to DTS

So you’re doing a Bluray rip, you open the m2ts, and you see over 9000 audio tracks sitting there. You probably go “…” and then you… No. Stop. Did you just pick something with DTS in the name? Danger, Will Robinson! Stop right there! DTS FLASHFACTS: It is a lossy codec It uses constant bitrate […]