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Fuck the GPL

So I was clicking around on random issues in the ffmpeg bug tracker, and I come across this little gem. argon, if you want I can simply forward this to our lawyers and they’ll suck the life out of you (and all your money with it). Keep your cool, please. You know what, GPL faggots? […]

The Funimation hilarity continues

Anime makes you stupid. Watching anime makes you stupid, fansubbing anime too, but apparently professionally working with anime makes you the most stupid. Funimation is the proof of this theory. A brief timeline of history (see earlier posts on this here blawg and koda’s excellent summary for details about earlier events): Yesterday: Funimation announces (well, […]

Unpublished ANN interview with a fansubber (me), Funimation and Aniplex

About two months ago I was contacted by a certain party who wanted a fansubber who was doing FMA Brotherhood to answer a few questions for an ANN interview. I agreed and contacted the ANN editor in chief, who two weeks later came back to me with a few questions, which I answered. I was […]

guys, guys, guys help

how do i maek this karaoke effect [youtube link] Stop doing this. Not that anyone who actually does this would read this blog but since it’s MY blog it is my prerogative to yell and make noise where noone can hear it. The reasons (lists lists I love lists fuck yes): With Youtube Quality™ you […]

holy fuck stop

using virtualdubmod thank you in advance